Youtube Pink App Download Free for Android – Apk 17.28.34 Download Latest Version 2022

Friends if you want Youtube Pink App Download for Android – Apk 17.28.34 Download Latest Version 2022 So today’s post is for you because in today’s post we are going to give you a latest version of Youtube Pink App which is for Android and you can easily install this app in your Android phone.

So let’s start which post today and tell the complete details about it.

Youtube Pink App Download

Friends, as every Android phone has an official YouTube app installed, but it is a red color app, apart from this there is also a pink color YouTube app which most girls install in their phone if you also like this. If you want to install YouTube app on your phone, then you can download it for free from here and you can impress people by installing it on your phone.

Friends, before installing this app, make sure that you would like to delete the old version or not, if you do not delete the old version, then you cannot install this version, so first of all you can delete the old version. After that you install this application

Friends, first of all, I would like to tell you that if you want, you can convert your existing app to this Pink YouTube app, for this also I am giving below procedures, you can read it and apply in your phone in the same way. Are

If you want to download the YouTube Pink App, then for this you will be getting the download button below, from there you can download this app before installing it, after that whenever you want, you can install it in your phone. Or there is an apk.mod can’t install it from play store because of this you install it from google and apply in your phone

  • Note – YouTube Pink Pro APK was giving the address of 404 earlier but at this time it has been fixed, now you can install it in your phone, there will be no effect of any kind, by touching the body of the download below, you can download it. you can install the app
Youtube Pink App
Youtube Pink App

Youtube Pink App Additional Information

Name Youtube Pink App
App Size Only 65.63 MB
Version Latest Version
Ratings 4.1 out of 5 Good
Android version version 4 and up
Get it on Google Play Store
Last Updated on 1 October 2022
Youtube Pink App Additional Information

Download Youtube Pink App


Friends, this apk will bring to you the videos according to your interest, like if you like to watch Bhojpuri movies, then only Bhojpuri movies will be shown in front of you, apart from this, like if you like to watch South Indian movies and you can watch South Indian movies a couple of times. If you have watched South movies in Pink youtube.apk, then Next Time will recommend only South movies to you, which is its very best feature.

Youtube Pink Apk Classy theme

Friends, the movie of this youtube pink apk is very good because its theme is pink and all the information in it will appear in pink color which will look very beautiful and a tractor will be seen

And this is the reason why this application is named Pink YouTube App because the color of the theme in it looks so attractive due to which people go and like this app and especially it is very much liked by women. This color is so cool and light that it doesn’t bother anyone

Note that you will not be obstructed to watch videos and use the application only in pink team, that is, if you want, you can also add other teams according to your need, you will be given the freedom to change the theme.

Youtube Pink Apk Dark Mode

Keeping in mind the choice of the users, many social media applications allow to switch to dark mode also and this is the reason why recently this theme also you can make a note of dark theme i.e. dark theme was pink feel and switch pink theme to dark theme

Whenever you want, you can enable dark mode of the application by going to the settings of this application.

Background Mode

Whenever you are watching a video in this application and at the same time you want, you can also switch to any other application Like all versions of YouTube, whenever you switch to another application, you will see that The video you are playing slowly stops

But with youtube pink apk you will not face this kind of problem at all This kind of feature is not available in the app or in the theme app with YouTube Blue.

If you are chatting with any of your friends through any social media app, then at that time your video stops but you can chat in it, your video will not stop, you can chat on any social media. Must have been your chatting will also continue and the video played in this application will also continue to play, it will never stop as long as you want that video will continue to play

Block Youtube ads

After downloading the YouTube Pink app, if you want, you can also block the ads of YouTube that are seen in it, you will not come to YouTube today but for this you will have to change it to the premium version and it is available that you have to You can also see it in the official app, even if you want, you can block ads, for that you have to change YouTube to the premium version, while you get the facility in it too.

Youtube Pink App Requirements

You can download and install this YouTube Pink app on any Android device and easily run it in your phone no matter how bad your device is because it is an Android device app which takes very less space. Because it is not a big youtube app or a premium app and it helps in providing a good facility to all the users around the world

If your android phone is not of the best quality and you want to Download Youtube Pink App then you can do it without any problem because it is very less MB application and easily works in every single device of that device. RAM should be at least 2GB and that device should also have at least one GB of space then only your phone will work properly and this application will also work properly

What’s new in the YouTube Pink app

  • This app was facing some problem in running earlier but now it has been updated and it is working
  • The UI of this app has been improved from before
  • You can change the theme of Youtube Pink App
  • You can also remove the ad of this team but for this you will have to take its premium version.
  • This team has been updated on October 1, because of this you will get its latest version.
  • In this team, you can open other types while watching the video, your video will not stop.
  • All the Minor bugs which were found in this app have been removed now it is working perfectly
  • 404 error is removed try the team

Youtube Pink App Review By

Friends, first of all we would like to tell you that All the apps that are downloaded from the website of that app work, if you want to download the youtube pink app from this website, then you can download it, hundreds of percent working apps are available on this website.

If you have downloaded the app from this website and your youtube pink app is not working then you can message us below comment box will be given by commenting there and tell me what problem you are facing then I will link to my app I am giving you the latest version’s gender so that you can easily run your app again

Download Youtube Pink APK

Thanks For Downloading Youtube Pink APK v17.28.34 Download for android from our site. The Following Are Available Links Just Press The Button And The File Will Be Automatically Downloaded


Q. – Can I use other apps while using Youtube Pink?

Ans:– Yes, while using this tool of YouTube, if you want, you can also open other applications and they will also run together like if you want, you can start this application as well as WhatsApp Facebook Instagram. The app will keep working smoothly

Q: – Is Youtube pink app free of ads

Ans: – Yes, the biggest advantage of using this app is that whenever you use it or watch any kind of video in it, you will not get to see ads in it, which is one of the very special things of this app.

Q: Is Youtuber Pink Available for iOS devices?

Ans: – No it is available only for android version it is not available for Iso version


The most special thing in this app is that you can do video and remove in it and this feature was available in youtube red app but it was only for youtube premium version and force i.e. for that you have to pay there. If you have to come there, then you can remove it, but it is not like that, you can remove the ad in it comfortably.

If seen according to us, then this YouTube Pink app proves to be very better because it has many such features which are not seen in YouTube Red app. We tried this app and found that this application is suitable for all users. It is better if you want, you can install this app, above you will see the install button, from there you can install and if you want, you can also share this app with your friends so that they can also get the benefit of it. could

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