two web apps cannot share the same web hosting plan

two web apps cannot share the same web hosting plan Two web apps hosted on two different domains (say & cannot share the same web host plan unless they have their own dedicated servers. If they do not have their own dedicated servers, then they can only use shared web host plans. Here are my reasons why they cannot share the same server:

the web app contents are swapped when swapping deployment slots

This issue only affects those who have installed the Web App Add On. If you use the same add-on for two different deployments two web apps cannot share the same web hosting plan (e.g. dev and prod) then switching between these deployments will cause the contents inside the web app to be switched.
The fix is simple. Instead of using the same add-on, create copies of the Add-On and change the parameters of each deployment slot accordingly.

Issues fixed in 1.0.4

  1. Fixed crash bug when entering search mode for the Grow Room.
  2. Fixed crash bug when opening settings page.
  3. Fixed not being able to select the desired room under the Rooms section. Issues addressed in 1.0.3
  4. There was a problem where pressing enter while editing options would cause the entire screen to scroll down.
  5. There were some problems with the camera view. Now it is fully functional. Issues resolved in 1.0.2
  6. There was an error message displayed under the Settings menu when clicking on the Options button.
  7. You could no longer delete the current room. Now it’s possible again. Issues tracked

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two web apps cannot share the same web hosting plan


Hosting is where the website’s files are saved to after being uploaded to a server. When it comes to hosting plans, there tends to be two different types of plans out there; two web apps cannot share the same web hosting plan shared and VPS (Virtual Private Server). Shared hosting is basically shared space on a single computer while VPS is a virtual private server which is essentially a remote server that shares the same hardware resources as a physical server. Typically shared hosting plans have smaller capacities than their VPS counterparts.

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However, two web apps cannot share the same web hosting plan this type of service does not allow users to access the entire file system of the host machine. Instead, they only have access to what is provided by the software of the host machine. In addition to this, shared hosts do not provide any control over how many websites are hosted on the same machine. On the other hand, private servers give users full access to the operating systems tools and utilities. In addition to this advanced tools, two web apps cannot share the same web hosting plan private servers come equipped with more RAM memory and have greater storage capacity compared to shared hosts. In this case, the user gets the best of both worlds.

Domain name

A domain name is what people search for online using a search engine. For example, if someone searches ‘cannabis’, then the search engine will automatically send them to a page that shows results relating to cannabis. A domain name is just a unique address for a specific website. If you own a website, you should buy its corresponding domain name. two web apps cannot share the same web hosting plan Domain names cost money and come in various lengths and extensions. Most commonly,.com domains are the most expensive. Other popular extensions,.org, domains have more value and are harder to obtain.

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Cloud-based web hosting services

Cloud based web hosting services are essentially cloud computing platforms where you can upload your site’s content and/or data. two web apps cannot share the same web hosting plan You don’t need to worry about having reliable internet connectivity since a cloud provider will take care of everything. All you need to know is the location of your files. Once these are stored onto the provider’s network, the information is constantly backed up and accessed via the internet. As long as you upload your website’s files,

two web apps cannot share the same web hosting plan the cloud will keep them safe so you never lose your work. This makes it the perfect option for those who want complete security for their site. In addition to this cloud providers also offer additional features. These range from analytics and SEO tools to social media integration.

azure app service plan defines

  1. A resource that belongs to Azure App Service, an application hosting platform provided by Microsoft. You can use it to host web applications, apps, services, and websites.
    1. A type of Windows Server Standard offering that provides users with an operating environment based on Linux. The operating system comes with various Microsoft software products preinstalled and includes Visual Studio Community Edition and SQL Server 2017 Express edition.
  2. A set of features offered by Azure App Service Plan that enables you to easily create, deploy, manage, and scale web-based, cloud-hosted apps. These features include free tier, basic tier, standard tier, and premium tier.

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