Top 5 Indian earning app

If you run a mobile and want you to install an app in your mobile and earn a lot of rupees in it, then today we have brought you five applications made of India in which you are going to get chances to earn thousands of rupees a month, let us tell you the names of these apps and then we will tell you how you can install all these applications in your mobile and how to use them

Binomo App

With the help of this app, you can earn a lot of rupees, but this is an application in which you will invest some money, only after that you are going to get the chances of making money, if you want to install this app, you can also get this application on the play store, but keep in mind that you will also have to spend money to earn money in this application and maybe your money also drowned

Meesho Earning App

This is an earning app in which you can earn thousands of rupees and can call them with your account, for this you do not need to invest a single penny, here you can selfie your product and the commission that will be made from it is transferred to your account

Roz dhan Earning App

The name of this app is the Rozdhan app, you can earn a lot of money every day and here you do not even need to invest, a lot of people are earning thousands of rupees a month using this app and transferring them to your account, you do not even need to work hard in this application directly you can make money in it

Earn Money Online 2020

It came in 2020, it was a running app that is a game type apps, in this you have to work like a game in the game, in the same way you have to play in it and together you will see some adds, the sin of this add is generated in your account which you can withdraw to your account whenever you want

Galo Earn Money Play Game

This is a ring game, you will have to roam round and enjoy a lot and you will also get a lot of money, you can get as many points as you make in it, you have to put a little mind and you are going to get a lot of money from it, then a game is also a very good application to make money online, you can also go to the play store and install all these games and applications will be found on the Google Play Store

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