Top 3 Indian earning app for Android

 If you live in India, you will know that the clock down is going on in India at this time, due to which the earnings of all the people have been stalled, the business of those who used to do business has been closed and the job of those who used to work is also stopped at this time, so if you have an Android phone, you want, you can earn money online by installing some running apps from mobile

Top 3 Indian earning app for Android

Friends, in this post of today, we have brought you three such Android running apps of India, with the help of which you can earn thousands of rupees a month sitting at home, to know which apps you have to read this post carefully, so now we tell about these three apps

1- Pocket Money Earning App

Let friends know that this app is the name of the pocket money earning app In this app, you can donate your pakit money and for this you have to install this application, this application is a mere 17 MB application and if it comes to the rating, 4 point 3 is its rating and if we talk about its downloader, 
then there are a crore its downloader, which is a very big count, then if you also want to install this application, then you can install it on the phone play store

2- Play & Earn

Jai application is a gaming application, in this, when you play the game, you will see some ads and when you see the ads, then you will be running them from the ad, which you can withdraw into your bank account and then you can use your money from the bank whenever You can remove it is not a problem, this game is only 19 MB game and if you talk about the downloader then there are 1000000 its downloaders and if you talk about the rating, 4 point 5 is given its rating, then this application is the best application if If you want to install this application and want to earn money from it, then for this you go to Google Play Store, you will get the application there.

3- Earning Karo App

The name of this application only shows that this is an earning app, this application is also a very best application, if you want to earn money online, then you can install this application, to install this application, you have to go to the play store and search there on the app and then you can install this application from there

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