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Guys if you want to take loan from star m2 app then this post is only for you because in this post of today, we are going to tell you that you can take online loan from you at this time and what materials will be required to take loan in this application which documents will be used and which details will you have to give then you will get a loan, if you want to take a loan online, then you must read the post carefully

Star m2 app

Guys in 2022 the interface of this application in 2022, before this, the application was a little normal, so comfortably people used this application but have been launched since 2022, since then the interface of this application has been changed because of which it becomes a little difficult for people to work

So friends what do you have to do for this I tell you for this, first of all, you install this application after that you make your account in it and after that a little in it, you will have to work hard and after that comfortably you can take a loan through this application and the interest rate of the loan taken by this application will be very low only there will be a 2 percent interest rate which you can comfortably complete through what

स्टार m2 ऐप में लोन लेने पर ब्याज कितना पड़ेगा

Friends, if you do not know how much the loan will cost if you take this time to your interest, then let us tell you only 2 percent monthly interest falls in this application which is very low and if you invest it in any trade by taking a loan through this application, you can also have a lot of benefit and this can also pay you this loan comfortably through installments

Even in large banks, if you take a loan, you also have to pay some similar interest rate, according to which a private application is there, in this application, you have to pay a very low rate of interest, you can comfortably trust this application and by submitting some inportant documents, you can get a loan comfortably

लोन लेने के लिए कौन-कौन से डाक्यूमेंट्स देने पड़ेंगे

Friends, if you want to take a loan, you will also have to give some inportant documents in it and what comes from the inportant document time to the number one is your Aadhaar card and after that the PAN card is also inportant until you activate the PAN card in it till then what is that you will not get a loan, so it is mandatory for you to have a PAN card as well and the second main which is yours later document Seva aadhar card aur iske alava aapko kuchh bhi Dene ki avashyakta nahin hai matra apne phone ke madhyam se Hi aapko ek photo khud ka capture karna hoga aur use update kar dena hoga

यह भी देखें 👉

Guys all these documents have to take photo through your phone only and then upload the photo of that documents by touching on upload aadhar card or upload pan card in that application and after that touch on below committee button then your loan will be applied

स्टार m2 app में लोन अप्लाई करने के बाद लोन पास कब होगा

Guys if you have applied loan in star m2 app you have to wait for only 3 days and after that I will go to you fair and after that you have to add your account number over there and add the same account number which is of your name only and after that you can get that loan in your bank account within 24 hours

When the money comes to your bank account, you can withdraw that money anytime in your Invest and after that you can pay the loan for that through easy installments only through your phone but for this you should have service on phone or on Google only then you will get chances to pay this loan with mobile

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