Star income 5050 arning app review , star income 50-50 mobile App se paise Kaise kamaye

Hello friends Friends, today we have come for you, a very best Android application through which you can earn a lot of rupees per month, it is a special thing that this application is an Indian making application i.e. that this application remained in India Because of this, you can also complete the entire trust on this application, if you want to install this application and use it, then you will get the entire detail in this post.

Star income 5050 arning app

Friends today is the name of the application that we are about to tell people. Star Income 5050 This Android.App has just been released first and it has been made only in the application of dollar in the place of dollar. You can get income in rupees and then you can transfer it directly into your bank account or through the UPI on your phone.

star income 50-50 mobile App se paise Kaise kamaye

Friends, if you want to know how to earn money from Star Income 2020 App, we have to install this app. After that you have to make an account of your own in this application 30 30 After that, 3-3 videos are uploaded every day, as soon as your account will be collected, you will be turned on to come to your video. You can transfer to your bank account every month’s 5th

How much money can be earned

Friends, you can earn from this application to ₹ 100, as much money you want as much money will be collected in your account and then you can transfer me to your bank account on the next 5th. The thing giving is that until you do not do ₹ 100 deposits, you can not transfer them to your bank account because of this, it is very important to be 100.

How to Install Star Income 5050 App

Friends are very easy to install this application for this, you do not need to go anywhere. Then you will be installed by clicking on the installed button below this application, it is only 34 MB applications and the downloader has become 100000

Star Income 5050 App How To Make Your account

In order to create an account in this application, you must first install this application, as soon as you put this application, you will get to see the signature button in front of you. If you want to add email ID and password By clicking on the Create Account, you can afford your own account by clicking on the Create Account by clicking on the Create Account or you can register directly from your mobile number.

The account is made in all applications like normal, in the same way, you also have to criticize the account and this work is very easy for this application.

How to Use Star Income 5050 App

Friends, to use this application, you have to create your own account by installing this application, in this application you have to upload three videos or more videos every day, whose length should be at least 30 seconds. You can also upload the video of the cut when you come to Blue on all those videos, some of them will be generated and that Revenue will be collected in your account. Then you can transfer it to your bank account

It is very easy to use this application everyone can use this application

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