Puli m2 App Se Paise Kaise Kamayen

If you want to do online army using Puli M2 app, then this post is only for you because in this post we are going to tell you how you can earn money sitting at home by using Puli M2 app.

So if you want to earn money online, that too through your phone, then here we are going to tell you about such an Android application, by using which people are earning lakhs of rupees in every corner of India. It is easy that even if you are less educated, you can use this app.

To earn money online, you will need some things and what are these things, let me tell you, first of all you should have Android phone which should have at least 3GB RAM and 4GB storage space. You should have puli m2 app and you should have internet data in your mobile and then you can earn money from this by creating your account in this app, so let’s tell the complete process about it

How to Install Puli M2 App

If you want to use any app, then first you have to install that app, only then you can use that app, now it comes to where to install the app, where it can get a good update. I will comment to you that you go to the Google Play Store and search the police to app there and then install it from the app that you see at the top.

It is very less MB, it is only 17 MB application and if your phone has less space or your phone’s speed is less, then it will be installed comfortably in your phone and will also work if you install this app in your phone. If you install it, then you will not have any kind of problem like hanging mobile or reducing the speed of mobile, you will not see any such problem.

How to Create your Account in Puli m2 App

If you have downloaded using the method mentioned above then now you need to create an account in it because until you create your account you cannot work in it. Now you have to have a mobile number to create an account. Which should be read in the same mobile in which you have installed this app

After installing this app, as soon as you click on Open, a box will appear in front of you, in which you will have to fill your mobile number, after filling the mobile number, you will click on create account below, then an OTP will come on the same number which OTP automatically this app Will select and verify your number and create your account

After this, you can type your name, address, mobile number, address, etc., and by putting your photo, you can also select your profile photo, and after that you can confirm your account by clicking on the summit below.

यह भी पढ़ें – पैसे कमाने वाला एप

How to use Puli M2 App

Now you have installed your app and created your account in it, now it is necessary to work in it but you do not know how to use this app, then I would like to tell you, in this you have to put your photos which are your own. I am drawn from camera or mobile and their quality should not be too bad, you have to upload those photos on your ID, that is, on the same ID that you have created in this mobile, as if you install your photos in Facebook. yes, use it in the same way

As soon as you install your photo in this app, that is, as soon as you upload your photo in this app, after that the more people will see and like this photo, the more you will keep running, then you can guess that your photo How many likes can come and for these likes you will get money


After knowing everything about you, it comes to the conclusion that it is very good and the special thing about this app is that it is F1 Indian app, because of this you can also trust this application and You do not need to pay any money in the app, account is created for free.

It is absolutely free, so you can use this app once, in this you can also do a lot of running, if you have any kind of problem, then you will tell me by commenting in the comment box below, I will definitely reply to you and if you have any If there is a problem then I will definitely give you the solution

So hope you have liked this post, if you liked it, then share it with your friends so that they too can get a chance to do something, see you again in another new post, till then bye.

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