pudina android app review , pudina android App se paise Kaise kamaye 2021

Friends, if you want to earn money online, then today we have come for you about a very best application and the name of this application is the peppe app it can earn thousands of rupees how can you earn thousands of rupees by using this pepper app To use it where it is to install and what work will be done in it, how earned money has to be transferred to your bank account. This information will be found in this post, so read this post carefully.

What is Pudina Android App

Friends, the pepperpy app is an app that is using 10000 people of the whole of India today, this application has been launched soon if you want to use this application, it is very easy to use this application. And a small child can also earn a lot of money by using this application, let us explain more details about this application

How to earn money from Pudina Android App

Friends, to earn money from the peppine app, you have to install this app. After that I have to make an account of my own, after that you have to put the news of your neighborhood and when you see any news Some money will be found in the same way as much news you can put in this app as much as your news will keep you earning.

Where to Install Pudina Android App

Friends, you do not have to go anywhere to install this application, you have to go straight to the Google Play Store and there you have to search Pudina App This app will be able to see you at the top. Then you can install this app by clicking on the install, only 16 MB is the application of 10,000 downloads if it is 3.5 skating, because of this, you can install this application easily if you want So before installing, you can also read the review if you like it, then you install

Pudina Android App How To Make Your Account

Friends, you will need two things to make your own account in this app. First you must have your own email ID, another should have a mobile number and then there is one thing that will be required and that You will be transferred to the bank account in which you will transfer the money earned from this app as soon as you open this application, you will send your email ID and password to send you after that I know your name to mobile number all the details. If you submit, then you will have an OTP to submit OTP and then your account will be credited. Then you can turn into work in it

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