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July 10, 2020
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Talking on dating apps can be really difficult right so I want to start with the hey but maybe you don’t grab some you want to comment on the picture but you don’t know which one you want to be nice but not inappropriate it’s difficult out there but hinge has the answer for you they found the most popular starter questions on their app by state so depending on where you live in the country or out of the country you can use these two you can use these to really get the get the bomb move the party started exactly oh speaking of getting the party started in New York. City the number one go-to question is go-to karaoke song wait I’ve had people ask me that go days tell you is that a question what’s your go-to carry-all go – ah ha slow this morning got it yeah what’s your go-to karaoke song coo coo coo Flav bad hmm now watch me that’s good what thank you yeah okay right minds don’t stop believin really you know what do you know about journey a lot and rajid is the worst roommate story I would hate if somebody asked me that because let me just get frustrated about my worst roommate did well but see I think that that could also be a bridge to a laughing situation with for the TV because everyone’s had a shitty roommate before you know no but it starts with that negative but I wouldn’t like maybe turn it around okay boss it my childhood.

Christ no legette look I still love Janet even though I’m batting for her team love Jen I’m batting for her team oh my god that’s amazing Chicago story about my fake ID this would not work for me I never had a fake I know site we’re getting to Shea’s over here San Francisco how my parents met nope it’s dangerous because like my parents have like a super cute and like lovey like meeting story and now they’re like very happily married but there’s a lot of people out there who like aren’t happily married or they got divorced or maybe they don’t have like a parent in their life maybe like they never met their this dangerous you living on the edge escalated way too quickly in Los Angeles what I wanted to be when I grew up this is a great one because then you get to like know somebody a little better cuz like I would say like obviously my job is you know a host and executive prettier sir but I would say like when I was younger I wanted to be a marine biologist and then I started talking about why because I was like obsessed with biology I was obsessed with whales.

I’m still very obsessed with it and then that starts this whole new conversation but you would have never gotten into until like two months into our relationship probably Dallas I donate a kidney for C that’s good these are corny donate a kidney for for a new cards gonna for I would donate i would donate a kidney for my husband my brother any a mile of any my loved ones are I think donate for almost anybody in your life no okay yeah that you that you like yeah that I like I’m not giving my kid me away to some douche no thank you very much no but that’s unless I was gonna save that if it was gonna sleep lives I would do it so Grey’s Anatomy are you writing well then use good karma good karma coming back anyway brain you lost a kidney she was better than one oh hi guys how would you start a dating app conversation tell me about your week like what is a week ago you know it’s not or swipe left or do you think make it or not go for it how do you start dating app conversations or how is the best way or what is the best way that somebody started a dating app conversation with you let us know on Twitter out here transcendent do you see forever.


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