Legacy of Discord- FuriousWings MOD (Unlimited Money)


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May 15, 2020
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Legacy of Discord- FuriousWings MOD (Unlimited Money)

hi guys this is Lord loving today I will talk about how to boost your BR and the right way of course all of you have to know this fact the people who are charging will have higher BR and faster we are to boost okay so let’s talk in general how to boost your BR in the right way first I will show you my stats here. uncle I am currently in second place in my server the difference between me and first place is nearly 50 million here down to third and first place and 314 about my special attribute is nearly all of them higher because I’m focusing and special attributes you know this is the most important thing in the game the higher it is the more will be the more you’re stronger so let’s talk about the right way to boost your beyond first I will talk about yeah to them if you are having enough gold just keep doing certain because it’s taking a lot gold more than you imagine. Here I’m in diving god and I didn’t reach level 100 of the quantity and it’s over 1 million per upgrade so imagine if I reach 160 how much it’ll be 1 I have all the fix yourself and each upgrade is costing me 10 skill points or killing goal so if you have gold just doing it and here they took a lot runes every.

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Time elements are more stronger than attack if you have element level 3 is more stronger than attack level 3 most of my stocks here are element I’ll make three elementary here I stock one element attack for because I have enough attack to upgrade it to level 4 of course attack level for giving you more be ardent elements level 3 so stick with elements level 3 unless you are having more attack of grade 1 and make it higher than the elements like your element 4 4 4 and here attack 5 talent try to unlock doors and hip upgrade because it will give you more stats on more attributes.

I’m still here in level three I have to reach type 10 in each to unlock it I’m on the way still here let’s talk about refine always try to take part for your items as much as you can in a level you will reach a level that you can’t buy your item flag just from art nitro so try to buy as much as you can if you are having enough I can I just keep buying easiest waves you know which one you’re missing the one that we have defined here it is healthier part we always try to buy it as much as you can and recall okay there is the three type of charge and distance if you are doing you’re doing Blade Dancer okay do focus on first resistance okay if you are doing rhetoric I don’t know how they are going to try to stick with the lighting resistance if you are doing sorceress also stick with fire don’t forget this socket and Jem always try to make all before in the same round to unlock bonus if you missed this one giving you a lot of the earth more than the non-aligned for example here..

I have attack for I will remove the charity level seven and I will stop attack level seven so here – 170 mm I will start a regular one and it’s giving me 112 so it’s 60,000 different so it is different but it’s so hard to have I got it from I don’t remember which event but it’s hard to have if you have a join website even if you don’t have a just click wheel balancing between all the gems ancient also this is so important for your stats always do four things all these things I mean six things critical blocks hit first schedule and dodge these are the most six important thing in front and chant just keep doing it okay there are better than other and giving giving you more chance to beat higher BR all my enchant are these things six things three flames or four flames I got like only one five claims so hard to have just keep talking your stones.

Until the event of enchant because here you will have one one of stone from using two in general for example you are using you have 562 so nearly you will have the same like double from the event because as much as you use your stone you will have more so don’t do it now wait for Devin to have also super enchants call scroll from the main we will talk about things now the most important thing before you buy anything is to look for the combination just look for the new wings your anabolic if you met the requirement that you are having especially the last things because it’s need more combination if the requirements are met okay buy it if they didn’t match just wait or go with the one that most of the requirements are met for example here I nearly only finished on my wings here.

I’m focusing and I’m trying to build our 11 ring so I’m having like 44 or 45 flags from Texas Holdem Yuma event if I have to choose between warmonger and prophecy just look for the combination here for warmonger all the requirement of the combination I met but his prophecy one of the combination I need the government I don’t have it so I will go for all number first and then after that attention also an important thing to boost your BR if you are having extra flag just doing it and try to level this thing as much as you can for example here I’m trying to reach level 24 because the b-24 will give all the Rings or attribution 100% so to give life over millions so as much as more you have frags just do it every five levels the facts will change for example here from level 15 caliber 22 cost for s 1701 level here from my from 1 to 5 it will cost to 48 so the more you’re getting the more functional also the looks are important for VR I will start with the art in the wings and then go from up to down the orange and red color will let you talk for and above but so hard to have five skulls.

I’m sticking now with four stars until all of them are four so I can upgrade it to level five here the third also always look for the affinity and it’s like a combination remains for example here cross other I have all the three combination here two of them are I mean two of them orange one of them are red the more rank they are the better biology given the more stronger your pet will be always focus in one pet always focus in one main pet for boost or boost and for level for example my main pet is crossover so I’m trying to reach a higher boost like 44 45 so it will give me it will unlock eight kill for it I will stop on 45 the level up just do it until you reach your main level remaining I developed 230 and boost ten or five so I will have general a higher we are on all and also in mining it will help me a lot also in grace is giving you a lot of B are in red pad try to reach to a green or magic you have to reach our are ten or two before you upgrade that pet so for example here if r1 I have to level it to r2 to start placing it and orange you have to reach it r3 to start to grace it so in orange it’s easy to have like a magic and lost is little hard and red it is it to have regime and little hard to have method so the more you are including in ways they might be I are having next thing we will talk is almond


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