How to earn money from the money earning app 2021

 Friends, if you want to earn money online, then today we have brought for you the information of a very best application in which you can earn money in thousands of amounts per month and you can easily make all these earned money on your own. Can transfer to bank account

Friends, people are using this application today in every corner of India, this application is new, because of this, this application also gives a lot of revenue, so you can earn a lot of money from it, so friends, now we will tell about this application. About Full Information

How to earn money from the money earning app

Friends, this application is new now, because of which it is giving too much money to people and it is also very easy to work on it because when you want to work on it, you can do anything, there is no problem in this application, only you have to copy a video from anywhere and then in that video you have to put the title tag etc.

how to install di paisa running app

Friends, if you also do not know how to install the money earning app, then we tell you that you go to the Google Play Store to install this application and there you search the Play Store, search for the money and type so much. After that, if you touch on the search button, then this application will open in front of you and then by clicking on install, you can install this application, it is only 28 MB application and 3.5 people have raped it on the matter of waiting. Downloaders have been completed 1000000 i.e. one million downloaders have been completed.

 Friends, many people are creating their accounts on this application, fast this application is going viral and people are earning thousands of rupees a month and transferring them to their bank account, I will tell you the complete process of this application, so complete the post. must read

How to create your account in The Paisa Earning App

Friends, if you have also installed the money running app and now you do not know how to create your account in this application, then we tell how you can create your own account in this application, for this, first you have to go to the left side. You will be able to see 3 lines at the top, you have to touch on these three lines, as soon as you search on the three lines, at the bottom you will see, create an account, you have to touch on it, after that I have to fill your name. So sir you have to fill the name then you have to type your mobile number and then email id and your own new password

After that, you have to touch on create an account, then your account will be created and as much work as you keep doing, money will be collected in your account and when you get ₹ 200 in your account then you can transfer them to your bank account. Ho

How much money does the paisa earning app transfer to your bank account

Friends, Jai is an Indian application, because of this, it fixes rupees in place of dollars, so as soon as you have more than ₹ 200 in your account, you can transfer money to them by giving them your bank account number, here you have to There will be no need for any application like paper etc. You do not have to use it, it depends on you, you can take money directly in your account.

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