Annu 9198 contact sirf masti app , Annu 9198 contact app se paise kaise kamaye

 Friends, if you live alone at home and you want to earn money online, then today we have brought a very best application for you, through which you can earn thousands of rupees by talking on the phone sitting at your home. To know how this will happen, you will have to read this post carefully, only then you will get complete details and only then you can earn money by talking on the phone through an application, so let us tell what is the name of this application and with I will tell you how to use the application as well as how to create your account in this application and how to earn money, you will get all this information in this post, so read this post carefully.

Annu 9198 contact sirf masti

Friends are about to tell you people about the water-like vacation that application name is Annu 9198 , this application is an application through which today do not know the world how many rupees people do not know how many rupees you have earned, Dogla also want to use this application, you can use this is very easy to use you keep contacting the ruthless people and you do not get money even one to contact the people a lot but if you use this application

Annu 9198 contact app se paise kaise kamaye

Friends, if you want to earn money from this application, then first of all you install this application and create your account in it, after that I am telling you what you have to do, first of all you will fill your details in this application, you girl Whether or boy, you also have to tell this application, then on the contrary, you will get calls and all those calls are video call songs i.e. a type of video calling application when you contact unknown people.
You are going to get money by the minute, so you have to keep you guys on your live video call as long as possible

Annu 9198 contact app install kaise karen

Friends to install this application first you have to go and after that you have to search in the play store Annu 9198,As soon as you search so much, the application will be seen at the top that you can install this application by clicking on the button of the install below, the quantity is an application of 25 MB and talk about the install tax, the whole one million has been installed this which is considered quite a lot of chatting, if there is a problem of 3.5 rating of mobile talk

Annu 9198 contact app me apna acount kaise banaye

To create an account in this application, as soon as you open this application after installing it, the first time you will ask for your phone number, you have to type that phone number here, after that if you want, you can also hide that phone number. Yes and after that will ask you for email id, on which email id your account will be created, you have to type the email id here and whatever details will reach you about you, you have to fill all that after that submit below You will get to see the button, you have to click on it, you will see that after a day or two you will get the mail and maybe you will get it, then as soon as you get it every day, you start doing video calling from the same day. you can start earning money

Annu 9198 contact

Friends this application is very tremendous you must use it once by installing this application hope this application will benefit you a lot and you will also get a lot of entertainment then if you are unemployed then pakka you must use this application a little bit of money you will definitely keep getting

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