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Download Animation Throwdown is the collectible card game that lets you collect cards and battle with characters from your favorite shows
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9 June 2020
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The description of Animation Throwdown Mod Apk

let’s go ahead and lead with my arlen ymca for power hopefully get a better card than Tina nope so I’m gonna go ahead just make Tina tackle right now for the gasps damage and hopefully we get a good powerful hitter later down the line on the drawers here all right no combo from them that works for me if that’s the case do I have somebody that’s hijack I don’t let’s go ahead and lead with the fighter item since it’ll get shielded by tackle Tina 415 there and then I’ll probably combo love Leela to get the hijack on her just so the counting Klaus doesn’t start to overtake me um or do you want to go Bobby or jealous nah I think we’re gonna want to go ahead and just stop that counting Klaus now before it gets any worse so I make action delivery force in slot see you there to block it out not kind of getting 100 on this one unfortunately.

I’m taking that direct damage but I would rather guarantee this win then try to fight for a higher score and when you look at that who would’ve been going down the line those punches would have messed me up bad I’m glad we played this the way we did luckily Tina tackle be walking out a good chunk of that with the body guard next move here we are gonna want to start building out again let’s do chicken fight for the pre combo just to build out the HP wall that should be a good way to go there and is it over this turn it absolutely is so highest HP that’ll be chicken fight with the buff that’ll be the best score we can possibly get let’s see it we get a 90 alright next up is pixie tricks let’s go ahead and lead with quahog martial arts for power what do we got for the move hey god that’s my parfait that scares me um god there’s so many ways they could take that mascot fighter is not a bad way to go just to help guarantee it’s gonna die quicker because of a payback in the punches could go thecombo mastery three route on the chicken fight that’ll be doing the most damage out the gate but depending what they combo it could bone me doing that I feel safer going mascot fighter for that payback damage to be guaranteed damage on that thing so let’s do it what’s the move let’s see it alright they didn’t combo thank God so at this point.

I’m gonna want to start blocking stuff out but I do want to still get more power on the field I’m gonna lead with Peter for the sturdy wall to block out some of the attack from Haley Jesus Christ they did brainwashed let’s go ahead and combo up right now chicken fight between all the punches and stuff I should be doing a nice tanky hit on that thing oh let’s go ahead and throw out is it over this turn definitely over this turn highest HP chicken fight can be an ugly win but at least it’s the win next up is Andy Jim let’s go ahead and lead with I don’t think it matters whether I do the mythic or the legendary they’re comparable so let’s go ahead just lead with the mythic gold baby the golden standard hell yeah I’m gonna go with Christmas punch-out combo mastery – you should be doing a nice beefy chunk of damage let’s go ahead now and throw out chicken fight just to build out the wall a bit and maybe get a combo set up and slot three there cuz I got pretty good control of the field the Peggy does worry me a bit but we can flank it yeah clasp anchor that’s gonna be annoying but we can deal with it let’s go ahead and throw out the item.

Over here to get a combo prepped that’s fine I’m actually glad that destroyed the card cuz that thing was getting weak what are my options here I’m not a fan of that cuz it’s not gonna end the match Bullock has a chance to cripple her which wouldn’t hurt me as bad and if I get the right punches we could do some work here that’s a gamble if I do this and might hurt the score more it might help I’m gonna gamble let’s do it martial arts Bullock baby alright that gamble paid off hallelujah I think we are set up now if the punches go right we win this turn so let’s do my highest HP card which will be Brian the home invader with the buff we’ll throw that in there come on Bob punch out Brian hell yeah there’s the win baby hallelujah next up we got King spikes let’s go ahead and lead with my Quahog martial arts for raw power they got the dr. Zoidberg

I’m pretty sure my chicken to fight hits that in one shot let’s see maybe not getting body guarded by three which is gonna nerf my punches down to 29 we’re looking at 61 is still being shielded nope that still fall shy unfortunately that is not the move it will not work so we’re gonna go Christmas punch out just so that we could have that leech built into our first lock there all right they got the stewey a little bit concerning but I think we’ll be fine let’s throw out I’m feeling Peter for the sturdy wall because if they don’t combo and no damage is getting through and either way chicken fights the way I want to take this all right they didn’t combo they did break through a little bit but that’s okay let’s go ahead and make my chicken fight combo now combo mastery 3 the golden mythic variety with all of those motivates all those punches and bombs we got a great punch there we’re in a fantastic spot give me another punch hallelujah we killed their chicken fight man all the luck is going my way from once.

I’m digging it let’s go ahead and throw out do I have control the field I got pretty good control of the field so don’t want to do a myth if you want to go meat man me man is the smart bet here for high HP so you know what let’s do it get some bodyguard on the field there too I wanted to play more medics but you know what we’ll play it smart Oh get high scores and I’m glad we did cuz holy the punch on that thing it’s over here though for sure so highest HP chicken fight and that’ll be another win all right Rachel M 3 3 9 is up next let’s go ahead and throw out Quahog martial arts what do they got for me they got a Stewie can i one-shot that karate Stewie will fall shy but I think chicken fight here might get the 1 shot so let’s go for it come on baby kill that baby hell yeah perfectly hit it and I can try to get a one-shot on that one from Mike Pulaski if I do a chicken fight I don’t know if it’ll give me enough of the damage though it might not be worth it let’s see that’s a 10 extra attack it’s putting me at 42 plus another 32 that’s 76 I think if my math is right we’re looking at was 730 wall there it will I think get it so let’s go for it nope it held on by one that’s okay I’m cool with that because this thumb that’s my parfait is dying no matter what happens with all that punch chicken fight all day every day let’s go how did that not die with all of the punches Jesus whatever we’re gonna win this hands down no problem highest HP card does I only get more HP from the buffer is it gonna be Stewie it’s gonna be getting 22 it’s gonna put it at 66 it’s a wash so let’s go ahead and throw out.


6.33.6MB4.4 and up27/10/2020

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