एक अच्छा और इमानदार हेल्पर चाहिए help with me please notify

People say that if you share your problems with people, then you have trouble, but your head’s burden will be lighter, so today I want a small help from you people, I want a good and honest helper who can do all the work of my house by staying with me

कैसा नौकर चाहिए

I have everything Ghar cart and job is everything but I am alone for the moment, the day is cut, but in the dark nights I am a scared, so I want to find a good and honest job at my house, which I can hand over the responsibilities of my house and I will definitely give it the fruit of his hard work

मेरे बारे में

My name is Madhu Gupta and my husband’s name is Shailesh Gupta, who currently lives in Bangalore and I am troubled by my way and live in a flat alone in a big city, I have a little girl who is 3 years old and her name is Riya who keeps questioning very much

मेरा मोबाइल नंबर

I also run WhatsApp as well as Facebook and like to talk to people on the phone, so if you live anywhere and want to talk to me on the phone, you can also contact my number is my mobile number
+91674785544… अधिक

काम क्या करना होगा

See, I do not have any land in which you have to do any farming work, I have already told you that I live in a big city, so the normal work that is done at my house is to do the same work as cooking and bringing vegetables from Bahar, etc

सैलरी कितनी मिलेगी

If you have to do this work, you do not have to migrate to salary at all because you are going to get a lot of salary here and according to which your work will be done, your salary will also be increased if you do a good job, your salary will also be good and if you do carelessly, your salary will also be reduced from their side, the salary has been kept from the moment is being told from ₹ 15000 months to ₹ 20000 months

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